What are Hosted Pages?

Hosted Pages are a set of pages that Authdog provides to help you manage your users and their authentication. When you’re creating a new Application, hosted page are automatically created for you, and are environment specific. You can customize them directly from the console.

Hosted Pages are including:

  • Login Page
  • Signup Page (coming soon)
  • Password Reset (coming soon)
  • Maintenance Page (coming soon)
  • OTP Confirmation (coming soon)
  • Organization Management (Pro Only) (coming soon)

How does it work?

Authdog Provides a set of customizable pages as a service, those can be configured from Authdog Console. The configuration is stored on Authdog stores and you can enable access to those pages with your own custom domain.

How to use it?

1. Create a new Application

To create a new application, you can use the Authdog Console, or the Authdog, CLI or directly via API. Once the API is created, you can access the hosted pages corresponding to your environment (with environmentId).

2. Configure your Page

You can configure your page directly from the Authdog Console, adding digital assets like a logo, or a background image, custom fonts etc...

3. Go Live

Once you’re happy with your configuration, you can go live and enable access to your page with your own custom domain.
  1. Add an APEX domain for your tenant (e.g.

    To do it, go to your Settings pages, APEX domain tab and follow the steps.
  2. Add a subdomain

    Add a CNAME record for your subdomain (e.g.
    ) in your Application Dashboard, for the desired environment.
    Note that you can have a subdomain per environment, and you can have multiple environments per application.
    So you can end with

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