What is Edge Identity?

Edge Identity is a system based on the Edge making User Identity available securely everywhere, without requiring to have physical servers next to the user to operate. Identity data is also leveraging caching systems to be available with extremely low latency compared to traditional servers.

How does it work?

Users authenticate against their Application and receive a session token (often as JWT[1]), the token is validated on the Edge and will enable the access to access user information in 2 digits milliseconds from the SDK or the GraphQL API.

How to use it?

Authdog customers can access the Edge Identity system by integrating the SDK[2] or directly with the API[3]. You can have a look to our Example apps and our API reference to get started with Edge Identity or simply get inspiration.


The first time your user login, or where the cache invalidated, User Identity will be populated in the cache and cold start will be slower (500ms) compared to cached Identity response.


If you’ve got any question, please reach out to us on our Discord channel or by email at
  • [1] JSON Web Token, a standard to encode session data in a secure way using modern cryptography algorithms
  • [2] SDK stands for Software Development Kit, Authdog is providing integration libraries in a handful of languages such as JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Go etc...
  • [3] API stands for Application Programming Interface, Authdog is providing a REST API to interact with the Edge Identity services

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